With over 8 years experience in legal administration, civil litigation and contract law, BD Legal Services have a wide range of expertise. Whether you need somebody to look over a contract for you or you need an agreement for your new business to your clients; BD Legal Services is guaranteed to meet your needs."


    When carrying out business transactions, it is crucial to have the legal obligations of both parties set out in a written agreement. We can draft the contract agreement between you and your clients so that you can enjoy a professional and easy business relationship with commitments that are legally enforceable in a court of law.


    If you provide a product or a service, your clients must agree and follow to your terms. We are able to draw up a set of terms and conditions that protect you and make your clients aware of exactly what they are signing up for. It’s not just small print, it’s legal importance so that you can provide your excellent service and get paid for it.


    In addition to offering the above services, we also offer Legal Writing workshops led by Benedicte Dosunmu who is the Managing Director of BD Legal Services. With a wealth of experience and skill, her classes are perfect for any law graduate or junior lawyer who wants to improve their writing skills and take their legal portfolio to the next level.

  • Law Tutoring

    With over five years experiencing in tutoring law undergraduates,