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Here at BD Legal Services, we help business owners and entrepreneurs reach their full potential through expert legal support.

We are not a law firm but a consultancy, passionate about businesses and financial freedom. We equip our clients with legal documents to be able to run their businesses smoothly and efficiently. We take all the stress of contracts, terms and conditions and legal agreements so that you can focus on the big things! With a young and vibrant team, we understand the growing trends of business, so we use technology and expertise to help your business have continuous success.


BD Legal Services is your one stop shop for affordable legal writing services. With over 8 years experience in legal administration, civil litigation and contract law, BD Legal Services is guaranteed to meet your needs. We specialise in Service Agreements, Shareholder & Partnership Agreements, Social Media Influencer Contracts and more.


    When carrying out business transactions, it is crucial to have the


    If you provide a product or a service, your clients must agree and


    In addition to offering the above services, we also offer Legal Writing


    With over five years experiencing in tutoring law undergraduates,

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